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The systems will not let me register for a class...

  1. Q. I have not had the prerequisite, is there a way to register for a course?

  2. A.    Take the appropriate Placement Test; this may qualify you for the course that
            you wish to take. The placement test are taken at the Assessment Center in

  3.         the Student Center.

  4. Q.   It says I am missing the prerequisite but I think I have the equivalent?

  5. A.    To verify that you have had the prerequisite, you need to bring
             the following to the PSME Division Office in S3:

  6.             * a copy of your college transcript (unofficial OK)

  7.             * a copy of the course description or the equivalent

  8.             * A Waiver Form with your name and contact information filled in.

  9. Q.   I had the course in High School, does it count as a prerequisite?

  10. A.    High School courses are NOT equivalent to college courses so they do not

  11.        count as a  prerequisite. However, if you have taken the AP exam and received

  12.        a score of 3 or higher, you are eligible for college placement.

                *   Bring proof of your AP exam score to the Division Office in S3.
                    Note: High School AP courses cannot be used for prerequisites only
                    AP exam results would be considered.

  13.             *   a copy of the course description of the equivalent

  14.             *   A Waiver Form with your name and contact info filled in.

  15. Q.    I have taken the class and failed it twice?

  16. A.    You will need to petition to the Academic Council (pdf) to enroll on the class for the

  17.        third time. Be sure to include an explanation to the Dean what steps you will take to

  18.        ensure you will be successful this time. Bring the Academic Council Waiver Petition

  19.        formed PSME Division Office in S3

  20. Q.   I took the class before and had a C or better?

  21. A.    If you took the class within the past five years you maybe blocked from registering

  22.        for the class. Under special circumstances the Dean may approve a retake of the

  23.        course. If you wish to apply to retake the class, please bring your transcripts

  24.        to PSME Division Office in S3 for evaluation.

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